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I’m Elizabeth Case (they/she), and I’m a a genderfluid scientist, artist, and writer living between previously glaciated, currently glaciated, and flood-prone landscapes.

I am currently a postodoctoral researcher at IMAU (Utrecht University) in the Netherlands. A copy of my PhD thesis, Ice Formation, Deformation, and Disappearance, can be found here. I have worked in Alaska (Juneau Icefield Research Program), Wyoming (Grand Teton National Park), and Antarctica (Thwaites Glacier 2022-23).

I am especially interested the dissolution of boundaries between earth science, the arts, and humanities, and the ways we can make the data that underlies our knowledge of the climate crisis emotional, tangible, and interactive. I am actively seeking artistic & scientific collaborations in this area.

My CV can be found here.

Fragments of Knowing

adapted from Katherine McKittrick, irregularly updated, these objects, references, readings, poems, images, and notes are temporaly situated, a way of remembering process, conveying how knowledge and learning are knotted and cyclical, what’s currently informing or inspiring my thinking, and/or what I am currently thinking about or making