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︎ Today, maybe

wonder, how much that’s been owned and lost will one day end up in the earth’s core

︎ Sometime earlier

some research about willows

finished my dissertation, drank a cuban coffee

eggs forever eggs for dinner! eggs that lay together, stay together!

adrenaline dumping

migraine fruit-looping my brain

“There is something common to everything we call the arts... I mean something that is more like a ghost than a picture.” - Lynda Barry

last night, cramps so sharp i cried. this morning, more rested than i’ve been in weeks.

without fail, adding something to my to do list deprioritizes it

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to rend: tear (something) in two or more pieces, or what Feel Good did to me; suffering from something like emotional road rash or a soul concussion

two books in the mail delivered at seven in the morning: the Human Argument, a collection of Agnes Denes’ writings and John Berger’s A Painter of Our Time

researching slime

seeing things yesterday and today out of the corner of my eye, a hand holding on between the cars that is just a cable spring, a man hunched over on a corner that is a garbage bag blowing in the wind. little transparent glimpses and fleeting things, like histories or possibilities

missing twitter, world feels more fragmented, body feels more rested

too tired and hungry to work; it is 9:31 am.

body demanded sleep this morning (no point in denying it);
reading this set of spliced interviews with/about robert gottlieb made me want to write;
skin blue and patchy from cyanotype preparation;

morning polishes;
the apartment smells overwhelmingly of mothballs and shallots in vinegar;
i read on the train instead of working and feel intense relief;
skimmed this, lovely;
instant camera film developed of antarctica:

got enough sleep, but forgot about a call;
fear stress of my phd turns me into a poor friend, discompassionate human;
anyways today’s existance is very mediocre, slugggish;
so here is an image of the juneau icfield as seen by google maps;
later forgot about another call;
feeling trashed.

exhuastion feels heavy this morning;
finally got pandas to store xdem, shape - can actually run Tetons model;
need to do more math;
water, tea, and a marginal can of culture pop soda;

received the future edition of the Nib, maybe their last;
up before 6, not my decision, the park’s glorious, green, empty;
working a lot on the Teton’s paper’s result section;
barely breakfast;
deriving thicknesses of caps of various shapes, like cylinders and eliptical cylinders and spheres;
begain reading my volcano 🌋