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Biome 1 | nurture/melt is a meditation on glaciated systems. It is a way of processing and dealing with the grief that comes with loving and studying ice. It emerged from my research on the Grand Teton glaciers. Faux-color infrared historical imagery transforms these regions into the beautiful and uncanny; the ground is turned red and pink, and it seems as if we are exploring an underwater landscape instead of our highest peaks. It reminds us that plenty of the rock that makes up mountaintops was once the seafloor bed. It reminds us that glacial change is also geologic change, even as we seek for ways to take responsibility for their destruction, and take action for our planet.

Biome 1 was designed in collaboration with Amelia Greenhall of Anemone studios, our second climate-related zine. It was printed at her studio in Seattle, WA with three risograph colors per page. You can find it at Elliot Bay Book Company, Printed Matter, and online, when Amelia isn’t hiking the PCT.