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I am interested in making literal climate change art, art that reflects the look, feel, and uncanniness of our Anthropogenic / Capitalocenic1 / Chthonic2 present and future. This is in part a way of coping with my own Ph.D. research, which looks at how glaciers form, deform, and disappear.

This body of digital media has two arms: corrupted image files from a 2016 trip to Alaska to study a glacier in Denali, and an interactive program to allow people to systematically glitch photos based on the photo’s location and the temperature change that location has experienced since 1850.

Glitch the Cilmate was chosen as part of the 2019 Creative Climate Awards, and was shown at the Taipei Cultural Center in NYC in November and December 2019.

1  Capitalocene, coined by Jason Moore and Andreas Malm, reminds us that not everyone is equally responsible for the climate crisis, and that language and naming have tremendous power
2  Chthulucene (note the h), proposed by Donna Haraway, is a future looking word, a prompt for us to remember that the past, present, and future are tentatcular and intertwined