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The NYC Climate Zine project aims to take environmental and climate-related information about and affecting New York City and make it accessible for the public. In 2022, I created and taught a four-part workshop to translate environmental research into zines*. Undergraduates from Columbia University turned their research on regional climate impacts into comics and informational booklets. We focused on writing concise, fun, accessible language and designing for single color printing. All the zines were then riso-printed by the Secret Riso Club and students each received 10 copies to share with friends and family. All zines are archived with Printed Matter and the Barnard Zine Library, and one of the zines, Trash Under Water, was shown at Sounds About Riso in fall 2022.

*zines, short for magazines are short, inexpensive booklets that got their start in the science fiction, punk, and LGBTQIA+ scenes in the 1930s-1980s. in general, they publish(ed) taboo, niche, or hard-to-acces information.